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Gift of gab


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INSPIRATION – Michael Angelo could have been an effective Catholic priest-preacher. What with his gift of gab. Actually, he almost became one. Two years before being ordained priest, Michael Angelo dropped out of the seminary, joking “Mahirap maging guapong pari. Maraming temptation.”

But then he became an inspirational speaker all over the country and host of the longest-running GMA News sitcom cum talk show “#Michaelangelo.”

Come Jan. 27, the show is launching its Season 13, even bigger and better.

Whether oncam or in person, Michael Angelo has only one goal – inspire the audience. His mantra is inspiration, inspiration, inspiration.

*  *  *



HOLY WEEK DRAMA SPECIAL – His GMA News team is preparing for another Holy Week Drama Special and Lenten reflections and teachings.

Last year, Michael Angelo recalls that his Lenten program bested ABS-CBN show twice in a row. On the third day, ABS-CBN aired a KatNiel movie, “Natalo kami…pero okay pa rin ang rating namin.”

*  *  *

MIDAS TOUCH – Seems that Michael Angelo has a Midas Touch, but he says “Not really.” Early on, there were many challenges and obstacles, including being gypped by his own employees.

He was depressed, but only for a while, saying that for every failure comes opportunity. True enough friends came to his rescue, supporting his show by way of commercials.

Michael Angelo plans to produce two movies, feel-good with, as expected, inspirational message.

Even the INC channel, Net 25, offered him a show. He’s a Catholic, but an INC official said no problem as long as he does not touch on religion.

*  *  *

POLITICS – Surely, Michael Angelo will make an effective politician. He comes from a political family in Batangas, Lobrin. But as of this moment, politics is out of the question.

But he is consultant to several senators and congressmen. He’s close to Sen. Sonny Angara as the father, the late Sen. Ed Angara, financed his studies at the seminary.

If there’s one actor he hopes will enter politics in the future is his friend Dingdong Dantes, “a very good and intelligent person.”