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Award for Barbs?

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HEART AND MIND – Martin del Rosario as Barbs in “Born Beautiful” is getting his share of acting accolades. The buzz is the role might just give him an Urian, this time lead. It’ll be recalled that Martin won an Urian (best supporting actor) for “Dagitab.”

More than the pretty face and feminine gestures, Martin’s performance is cited for entering the heart and mind of a transgender, her struggles and trials. Martin hastens to add that all men – gay, straight – undergo the same experiences.

He can relate to Barbs, “Minsan masaya, minsan malungkot.”

Also praised in “Born Beautiful” are Akihiro Blanco and Kiko Matos, who play Martin’s lovers.

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FROM left: Perci Intalan, Martin del Rosario, and Jun Lana

FROM left: Perci Intalan, Martin del Rosario, and Jun Lana

PERCI & JUN – Behind “Born Beautiful” are domestic and artistic partners Perci Intalan and Jun Lana of IdeaFirst. It is their follow-up to the hugely successful (artistically and financially) “Die Beautiful,” topbilled by Paolo Ballesteros and Christian Bables.

The speculations are “Born Beautiful” will duplicate, if not exceed, the success of “Die Beautiful,” “Born Beautiful” is essentially a happy, even riotous, film. With the “surprise” cameo of Paolo.

Direk Perci (Jun wrote the script) gave Martin leeway in interpreting Barbs. The actor delivered, making the role his very own.

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NO BIG DEAL – Yes, Barbs was meant for Christian, who backed out. No big deal for Martin. What mattered most was he gave justice to it.

True. Think of other second choices like Joel Torre (“Oro, Plata, Mata”), Bembol Roco (“Maynila”), Gina Alajar (“Salome”), Vilma Santos (“Burlesk Queen”).

The list of second but best choices is long. Casting is a complicated process and changes always happen along the way.