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Duterte mulls military operations vs rapists in Quezon




President Duterte is mulling on authorizing covert military operations to address the peace and order concerns, particularly the rape incidents, in Quezon province.

The President said he may send the government troops “in civilian clothes” to resolve the problem if the police could not effectively improve the peace and order situation in Quezon. He has even allowed the police to go into “profiling” of persons to hunt down the perpetrators of such crime.

“The police can smell a rat a mile away. You have to go into profiling. I hate it but you have to do it. Sana wala na otherwise I will go there,” he said during his visit to Batangas City.

“Why are there are so many young girls being raped? Otherwise, I’ll be forced to call upon the Army to participate, go covert in civilian clothes and help,” he said.

He said the high number of rape cases has become “intolerable,” adding he suspects the presence of a serial rapist in the province.

“It’s not  comfortable to me anymore. We have to do something about it,” he added.

Duterte earlier expressed alarm over the rape incidents involving young women in Quezon and ordered the police to do something about it.

“There are things I want to bring attention to the Filipino people especially ‘yung rape ng mga bata. Wala nang kahinto-hinto. ‘Yung Quezon, there’s somebody there who is a serial rapist. Kahapon mayroon na naman ni-rape at pinatay,” Duterte said in a media interview in Taguig City early this week.

“Hanapin nila kung sinuman ‘yan at huwag na nila buhayin,” he added. (Genalyn Kabiling)