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Where does my seed go?


rica cruz - sexy mind answers

Hello Ms Rica,

May katanungan lang ako. My girlfriend is on the pill so since wala naman kaming multiple partners and tested safe naman kaming dalawa, hindi kami gumagamit ng condom. Before I used to withdraw pa rin siguro dahil nakasanayan ko lang. Pero now she lets me come inside of her. Napaisip lang ako kung saan ba napupunta ‘yung semen pag-inejaculate na? Naaabsorb ba lahat yon? Or lumalabas through urination?

Thank you

Strap Keychain


Hello Strap Keychain,

First of all, good job on being tested and making sure that you and your girlfriend are safe and clean. Your question is very normal and if hindi pa niya nakukwento sa iyo, there are times na lumalabas siya unti-unti, pwede din siyang magdry up inside or combination of both.

Most of the sperm do not make it very far. Ang female reproductive system kasi ay may mechanism para mabawasan ang exposure sa foreign entities. Gravity plays a big role also sa pagtagas palabas ng semen out of the vagina. Baka mapansin mong your girlfriend would start using panty liners after you have sex and you come inside. Also, the vagina is naturally acidic and creates a very hostile environment for the sperm. Pinakahuli naman, may cervical mucus na nagfifilter out ng damaged sperm. Kaya nga kapag may pregnancy, it’s the strongest and healthiest sperm that makes it to the egg.

On another note, if concern ninyo is to avoid pregnancy, there are also alternative methods to the pill. Merong spermicide which is non-hormonal film na pinapasok sa vagina 15 minutes before sex and is good for 3 hours and 1 ejaculation. Meron na ito sa market ngayon – VCF ang pangalan. This is also good for monogamous couples who are either not comfortable with the condom and kung hindi din hiyang sa pills.

Talk to your girlfriend if naeexperience niyang lumalabas ‘yung semen mo after your sexual encounter. Talk to her also kung okay lang ba siya dahil some women find it hassle kapag randomly may lumalabas from their vagina similar to when they have their period. For other options naman on avoiding pregnancy, or your overall sexual health, please consult your health provider. Always enjoy and be safe!

With Love and Lust,


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Rica Cruz is a Licensed Psychologist, Sex and Relationships Therapist, Sex Educator. She opines that sexual empowerment for Filipinos is sexier than sex.

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