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‘Tsismosa Brigade’ vs virus carriers





CEBU CITY—“Tsismosa Brigade” as contact tracers?

While Police Brig. Gen. Albert Ignatius Ferro said the possibility in jest, rumormongers could help authorities in tracking down possible carriers of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) as the city looks to expand its contact tracing possibility.

“I heard a story last night about this “tsismosa brigade.” They could be a good source of (information). I think it was in Bulacan. It was said the help of these “tsismosas” is being sought for contact tracing. So maybe, instead of rumormongering, they can do something to help,” Ferro said laughing.

Ferro said instead of the bad image they create in the neighborhood, these “tsismosas” can be of big help in the fight against COVID-19.

Turning serious, Ferro said his point is to stress the importance of the community in helping stem the tide of COVID-19.

“Solving this health emergency crisis is not only a job or a responsibility of the police, the military, the health workers or the local government.  This is a responsibility of every single Sugboanon, Boholanon, Ilongo, Ilocano, Bisaya and all the Filipino citizens. This is a shared responsibility so we need to help each other,” said Ferro.

Ferro said every policeman in the region is being encouraged to act as a contact tracer.

“PRO 7 is a 10,000-strong organization, so imagine if all will help trace possible COVID-19 carriers,” said Ferro.

With the help of the technology, even ordinary citizens can help the contact tracing efforts of the government.

“We can do massive contact tracing even if we are just at home using our gadget like a cellphones and through the medium of a cyber technology,” said Ferro.

Ferro said the city’s contact tracers have been divided into five clusters to ensure that all areas will be covered. (Calvin D. Corodva)