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Enjoy life





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It’s ironic that one person can die from a single gunshot wound while another person who had 25 gunshot wounds survived and lived for decades! One person can survive a bombing incident, yet another is struck by lightning and died. A person with a chronic illness lives until 74, while a much younger individual with no illness suddenly slipped in the bathroom, hit her head and died. If it’s not yet your time, you will not die, so don’t despair and die while you are still alive.

Conquer your fears. Fear is one of the most powerful things that can paralyze a healthy and capable person. Fear of criticisms, fear of failure, fear of germs and viruses can keep an individual from doing anything. It’s like dying while one is still alive.

Live in the now. Too much preoccupation with the past and with what the future might bring is not only counter-productive. It deprives one of peace of mind and happiness. As they say, yesterday is past and gone. Tomorrow is never promised. Only today is ours, so live in the present moment.

Treat yourself regularly. What are your favorite things? Take a break! It’s not wrong to pamper yourself once in a while, as long as you don’t overdo it and it doesn’t harm your health and your pocket. Enjoying yourself on a regular basis will help you recharge and give you more strength to endure challenges. Endure the trials. Enjoy the blessings!

Love. Share. Get involved. Create beautiful things. Take care of yourself and the people around you. Laugh and enjoy the world regardless of who or what is missing.

Worrying will only weaken your immune system. Hold on! This pandemic will end.