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No. 1 killer: Lamok





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It is said that when it comes to killing humans, no other animal even comes close to a mosquito.

A Readers Digest article quotes Nature magazine as saying the world can do without mosquitoes. Its eradication or absence won’t affect nature’s ecosystem.

While some fish, frogs, reptiles use them for diet, the absence of mosquitoes won’t ruin our ecosystem.

Sooner or later, some other food will be made avail­able to frogs and other animals as they change their diet.

Only female mosquitoes feed on blood. They are the most dangerous as they are known carriers of diseases like dengue and malaria.

I read somewhere that when a pig is about to be slaughtered, its body releases poison in the form of toxins due to stress.




These excreted toxins are said to be poisonous. This probably explains the connection between pork meat and many diseases.


TRIVIA PA MORE (Various Sources): The Soi Dog Founda­tion says 30 million dogs are tortured, killed and eaten in Asia yearly.


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