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‘In the Slimelight’





More and more on Hollywood, “In the Slimelight” tackles nega­tive dish on stars in general.

“How did Sally Field win two Oscars? I can name brilliant ac­tresses who have never won one! Poor Henry Fonda finally wins one but is too sick to accept in person, and Katharine Hepburn will soon have enough Oscars to use them as bowling pins. It is too late lop­sided” –SIMONE SIGNORET

“Jeremy Irons has no sex appeal. And not much sex, either. He’s perfect for horror movies. Or sci­ence fiction. He’s an iceberg with an accent.” – ANDY WARHOL

“Frank Sinatra is a seriously split personality. Conflicted, that is. First a Democrat, then a Re­publican. First he loved JFK, then he hated him. He once filmed an appeal to American during the war [WWII], asking them not to hate Jews and others who were minorities, and in the same spot he urges Americans to go out and kill ‘Japs’ and win the war. Then he does this movie [The Detec­tive] where he’s a cop but he’s pro-gay – so already you know it’s fiction – and next, Liz Taylor asks him to appear at the first big AIDS benefit, and he refuses cause he doesn’t want to be associated with that…Inconsistency, thy name is Francis!” – JAMES COCO

“If Peter Lawford had been nicer to Marilyn [Monroe], she might be alive today. He’s a creep.” – DANNY KAYE

(Source: “Hollywood Babble On” by Boze Hadleigh)