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New start for balladeer Mark Carpio



It has been sometime since we heard from balladeer Mark Carpio.

Turns out, he is cooking something new and exciting.

The singer-songwriter, popular among music aficionados due to his string of original hits including “Kay Tagal,” “Ako Na Lang Sana,” and, of course, “Hiling,”  has finalized a deal with Viva and will now join the storied artist agency and music label.

For Carpio, it is a dream come true.

carpio 2

“I’ve always dreamed of hearing my songs in a movie or even becoming one like in the 90’s. Then I realized the best people to make it happen are the ones who produced these films back then which is Viva. I was lucky enough to have friends who helped me to make this happen,” he shared.

Of course, there is now the possibility of him acting in some of Viva’s films.

“I’d like to explore that aspect, which is yet to be seen and hopefully be good at it,” he related.

For his first project with Viva, Carpio is releasing a cover of the Kenny Rogers classic “Through The Years.”

“I thought I’d like to do another classic ballad cover just to get things going with Viva,” said Carpio.

It makes sense.

Besides his original songs, which combined have already totaled over 75 million streams on various platforms, Carpio has had a hot streak with remakes.

His take on the Ric Segreto classic “Don’t Know What To Do (Don’t Know What To Say)” has over 30 million listens on Spotify.

He went on to assure fans he is here to stay.

“I know the pandemic is daunting particularly for singers, entertainers but I aim to continue exploring my craft. Music is my passion and no matter what I’m here for the long haul.”