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More on ‘Short but not sweet’



Highspeed continues its Hollywood trip with, more on ‘Short but not sweet.’

‘Lana Turner and I had some good times together. Especially before the nuptials.’ – LEX BARKER

‘Lex Barker was very handsome…Just plain handsome.’ – LANA TURNER

‘Bob Hope – his middle name is Money. That’s what he loves best.’ – JERRY COLONNA

‘Angela Lansbury. She’s very nice. That’s “ice” with an “n” in front of it…’ – KEENE WYNN

‘I’m in love with Julie Andrews, yes. There’s nothing I wouldn’t say to her face – both of them.’ – ROCK HUDSON

‘[Orson Welles] can write, direct, produce, even act.’ – RAY MILLAND

‘Her body has gone to her head.’ –BARBARA STANWYCK on MARILYN MONROE

‘Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford – he’s elastic and she’s plastic.’ – SANDRA BERNHARD

‘Madonna and Sean Penn – beauty and the beast, but guess which one?’ – JOAN RIVERS

‘Mary Martin? Oh, she’s all right, if you like talent.’ – ETHEL MERMAN

‘Miss Merman is a great broad…that is, she’s a great Broadway star.’ – MARY MARTIN

(Source “Hollywood Babble On” by Boze Hadleigh).