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Bradley sees KO win vs Pacquiao

PACQUIAO and Clinton

Los Angeles — Tim Bradley feels a victory over Manny Pacquiao next week in Las Vegas will be the crowning glory of his exemplary career and that whatever comes after it would just be extra.

“This is a fight that I truly care about,” Bradley told reporters Thursday at the Fortune Gym on Sunset Boulevard nine days before he and Pacquiao rumble for the second time before an expected sellout crowd at the MGM Grand.

For Bradley the fight is so important he may even quit should he beat Pacquiao.

“This is a must-win fight for me. After I beat Manny (next week), (the rest) will just be gravy for me,” said Bradley, 30, who was awarded a controversial split decision over Pacquiao in June 2012.

Bradley feels getting the job done isn’t as remote as pro-Pacquiao fans tend to believe, hinting that he might not even need the help of the three judges at ringside to pull it off.

“I honestly think that this fight will not go the distance,” said Bradley.

Bradley claims to have solved the Pacquiao puzzle the first time they met and because he has gained experience and built up his confidence in the process, he will be a much tougher assignment for the 35-year-old fighting congressman.

“The only way for him to beat me is to knock me out.”

However, Bradley insists that despite his reputation as a light hitter, he can actually do real damage.

“Once he gets hit (again), he might have a relapse,” said Bradley, obviously citing the sixth-round smackdown that Juan Manuel Marquez dealt the Filipino in late-2012.

Besides, Pacquiao wasn’t really that tested when he staged his comeback bout last November in Macau against Brandon Rios, the robotic puncher who didn’t even get the chance to mess up Pacquiao’s hair-do.

Backed by what he labeled as “eight weeks of solid training,” Bradley said he can’t wait to answer the bell and show everyone he is not an ordinary fighter.

“I’ve been ready (to fight) since last week. I am ready.”

While Marquez has a mighty right hand, the punch that sent Pacquiao to dreamland, Bradley says he has his own version of a finisher.

“I’ve got my left hook,” he said.

But Bradley remains wary of what Pacquiao can still bring to the ring.

“He comes with intensity and you just can’t go in there and do what you want to do.”

Again, Bradley isn’t too sure if it will go the full route. (Nick Giongco)

  • BabyBoy

    Bradley has become delusional

  • deadswitch

    Bradley sees KO win OF Pacquiao

  • deadswitch

    Tim’s on PED. Too delusional. Big Mouth. Motor-mouth.

  • Nick

    Over confident Bradley won’t see the 12th round.

  • Ramon Antolin

    Yes! This bout will not go the distance but it’s Bradley who will be sprawled on the canvas! What left hook is this Big Mouth bragging about? I have not seen any sort of this from him! Even his left jab can’t even hurt a fly! Pacman’s jab is only the equivalent of Bradley’s left hook! How can he KO Pacman with that kind of punch?
    This guy is a dreamer! He will dream more lying on the canvas come fight night!

  • Glen

    If Bradley don’t get Pacman with his left hook, his left armpit will. That is the main reason why he have not took a shower yet.

  • rey_andulana@yahoo.com

    bradleys big mouth will fly on the ring this april 12., bradley will be brutally knockout between rd 7 to 9., on saturday night., april 12., bradley will eat his word mark my word., manny will unleash his powerful arsenal the manila ice plus left uppercut and hooks to the jaw of bradley.

  • hh

    I can’t stand this ass clown. Manny is going fuck him up. I wish severe punishment to bradley April 12.

  • EdL

    Obviously Bradley is trying to mess up Manny’s or Freddie’s brain. His braggadocio if he brings into the fight will be his undoing. Manny beat this guy up worse than Margarito first before knocking him out for good. Make sure that he will go out in a stretcher not just a wheelchair to shut up this black loudmouth.

  • Kingfor1000years

    with two good feet he is going to run, KO? talk about hits like a bitch

  • Mondo Rivera

    I know he wants to hype up the fight coz more ppv buyers more money he gets. But common be realistic coz the last time he won by KO or TKO was back in 2007 lol Not even a lucky punch or if PAC sticks he’s chin out can he KO PAC LMAO