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Timothy Bradley Jr. to use Marquez blueprint

Tim Bradley works out Friday (Saturday in the Philippines) in his training camp in Palm Springs, California. (Nick Giongco)

LOS ANGELES – Tim Bradley is taking a page from Juan Manuel Marquez’s book when he attempts to repeat the Mexican’s epic one-punch, sixth-round knockout of Manny Pacquiao when they face off this Saturday (Sunday in Manila) in Las Vegas.

Bradley is being guided into that direction by Teddy Atlas, who did not deny that Marquez’s stunning smackdown of Pacquiao in Dec. 2012 is a source of inspiration as they head into this weekend’s clash at the MGM Grand.

“We’d be fools not to that information and see how it was done,” said Atlas during a break in Bradley’s training in Palm Springs.

To show Bradley exactly how it should be done, Atlas even pleaded with mediamen not to film or even shoot their three-minute strategic planning.

“I’m going to trust you guys on the honor system,” said Atlas, his right hand touching the left part of his chest to display his sincerity and convince the media to grant his request.

Based on the short routine, Bradley and Atlas believe they have copied the blueprint and are itching to head to Las Vegas and get it all done.

Told about the Palm Springs training sessions that was streamed live, Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach laughed it off.

“He’s not Marquez,” said Roach when asked by scribes at the Wild Card Boxing Club following Pacquiao’s recent four-round sparring session.

Roach is pleased with the progress of Pacquiao’s training that he is intending to cut short the Filipino fighter’s session to a minimum on Monday, the day before the entire team makes the 300-mile journey by land to Sin City.

“Manny will ask that he be given an extra round but I will negotiate with him not to,” said Roach.

Pacquiao appears ready to rumble and the 37-year-old fighting congressman told interviewers that he can’t wait to travel to Las Vegas and cap his preparation with an emphatic win.

“All set and ready to go,” said Pacquiao.